Our Story

A long time ago- Tom and Karene - raised in families that supported the arts, participated in arts, enjoyed experiencing art, also experienced the power of God's transformational love in their lives

A moderate time ago- Tom and Karene both desire to be involved in missions work, but primarily in the Twin Cities

Not so long ago- Mikki and Hannah develop strengths in music, theatre, and dance, continue to hone their skills and be supported by Tom and Karene, both also desire to use art to transform their worlds

A bit ago- the Johnstons and a couple friends meet weekly to discuss ideas of creating a space where artists can grow and create in a positive environment, also host weekly dinners promoting community and strengthening relationships

August 2010- Postscript Productions presents "The Diary of Anne Frank," a full-length dramatic production at two venues in the Twin Cities, combining the production with "Zachor," a chamber group of musicians playing an original composition dedicated to victims of the Holocaust


April - Tom and Karene take a sabbatical from "traditional work jobs" and focus 100% on developing Fusion Arts as a non-profit organization focusing on transforming the Twin Cities through art and building community through hospitality

May - Fusion Arts sponsors a benefit recital for Breaking Free, an organization working with victims of human trafficking

August - Fusion Arts sponsors a benefit recital for the White Earth Indian Reservation in Minnesota, Fusion Dance also offers its first class in ballet to all ages

September - Tom and Karene begin Fusion House, a weekly meeting dedicated to deepening relationships through prayer and Bible

October - Fusion Dance first kids ballet class

December - Fusion Arts is officially incorporated as a 501c3 non-profit corporation in the state of MN, Fusion Dance presents its first Illustration Night


January - Fusion Dance Winter Intensive Ballet Class for women

April - Fusion Dance spring classes- one for women, one for kids

May - Fusion Dance Illustration Night- presenting the work of the students in the spring classes

June - Fusion House transitions from a weekly meeting to the name of the community house the Johnstons created

August - Johnstons sell their home in Maple Grove to move to St. Paul

September - Fusion Dance establishes St. Paul presence in Frogtown, teaching ballet and music classes

December - Fusion Dance Winter Illustration, presented by fall students


January - Fusion House Community Public Meeting in South Minneapolis, Fusion House weekly meetings begin

February - Shakespeare Coffeehouse Collective (sponsored by Fusion Arts) hosts four shows in local coffee shop venues

May - Fusion Dance hosts Community Outreach lunch before Spring Illustration Performance, connecting with more families from the community

Summer - Fusion Dancers keep building relationships through outings to the park and making samosas

October - Fusion House Community connects with Shalom Mission Communities and attends the Nurturing Communities Project in Chicago

November - Fusion Dance Academy begins outreach performances in local nursing homes, bringing the joy of dance to many people


January - Fusion Dance Academy widens class offerings to accommodate more ages and levels