We believe that all transformation is centered in the life of Jesus Christ. As we pursue Him, we are filled with His life and are equipped to live out the destiny He has for each of our lives.



Relationships are central to Fusion Arts. It is through relationships that we grow and learn. Working together allows us to share, expand, and deepen our experience of life.



God is the ultimate Creator. We are made in His image and show His nature as we create. We express ourselves and our lives through the creativity we each find in our areas of expertise.



Fusion Arts Bios

Tom Johnston

Tom is the president and co-founder of Fusion Arts. His desire to support artists and experience art was instilled in him early in his life. He invests his time overseeing the growth and development of Fusion Arts.  

Tom Far 2.jpg

Karene Johnston

Karene is the director of Fusion Dance and co-founder of Fusion Arts. She is passionate about releasing artists into their destinies, especially dancers. Seeing God change lives through art inspires her as she provides insight and vision for Fusion Arts.  

Karene Far.jpg

Mikki Johnston

Mikki is the artistic director of Fusion Arts. She is inspired by the creativity of God, especially in nature and through people. Bringing together faith and art, building relationships, dancing, and playing violin are a few of her favorite things.