Embodying hope as ordinary radicals.

Who we are:

We believe that there is something born in honest communion that cannot happen in any other place. As we walk in this communion, we are actively bringing more of the kingdom of heaven to everyday existence. Our intentionality in everyday life draws each of us closer to Jesus and closer to each other. It is the everyday repetitions of life that are the building blocks of sacrament, outward signs of an inward grace. There is a mystery in life, a mystery that hints at something beyond us. We seek answers to questions together that bring us closer to the truth that undergirds our existence.

We stand on the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the grace of the heart of God. This truth sheds light upon our hearts and teaches us to walk in humility alongside one another.

It is through this personal and communal reformation that we are able to effect a greater sphere. As artists and lovers of beauty, we are seeking transformation that reaches far beyond our doors into the heart and soul of the Twin Cities' art community.

What we are doing:

-Living in a multi-generational community 

-Running a dance studio and performing arts organization

-Sharing meals and spending time together

-Creating expressions of truth in varying mediums

-Living simply and sustainably

-Building relationships in our neighborhood, city, and beyond


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